Ban Electro Convulsive Treatment (ECT) in the United Kingdom (psychiatry)

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ECT has been around since the 1950's or 60s.

It is believed that it's use is effective in treating depression.

This is simply wrong, depression is caused by social factors, events, people and poor diet.  It cannot be treated by ECT or any kind of drug.

The patient is put to sleep and then electrodes are placed on the temples, then a current is passed through causing the patient to violently shake and in some cases bite through their tongue. It induces fits. It causes memory problems. In some cases people have died. A third party has to agree to this treatment, the patient's views are often disregarded as mine were. I had it 7 times and died a few times and was rescuscitated.

How can a treatment like this be allowed in today's society?

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