awareness of what’s going on in Birmingham’s gay scene!

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Gigi Moore
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Hurst st in Birmingham is a place where people from the LGBTQ+ community AND straight people feel loved, welcomed, are able to be who they want to be, are able to feel SAFE and enjoy there lives 

Knowing the council are planning to take this away from us is hurtful and makes me feel sick to my stomach. Wanting to build residential houses in hurst st and take away our clubs is DISGUSTING.

There is ALOT of places in Birmingham where they could have build houses but no, they choose to build them in the ONLY gay village we have in Birmingham. 

It hurts my heart knowing the only gay place we have might be getting shut down just for the councils benefits and profits.

Please spread the word and get THOUSANDS of people to sign this petition. get all the LGBTQ+ community together and let’s make a stand!!!!