Anonymity in the media until found "Guilty" at Court

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Lives can be turned upside down by media reports of on going court cases. But such reporting, upon a finding of "Not Guilty" can destroy lives in the process.

The Justice System should be fair and open. I 100% agree with this fact. At any given time, any person can walk into a Magistrate or Crown Court and watch a trial from start to finish. 

The media have a duty to report cases that are of interest to the public. Sadly a limited few go beyond this duty and resort to derogatory tactics. It is our job to protect victims of false accusations from the nasty minority in the press.

If the person is found "Not Guilty" then those salacious news articles are a historical document of information that could ruin job prospects, relationships, mortgage applications and so on and so forth.

I call upon us all, to get enough signatures, to allow Parliament to debate the possibility of a change in legislation that trials can be reported on and defendants names can be published on a finding of GUILT only!