Adopt a Child

Adopt a Child

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Hard truths, 

"What others will say if you'll adopt a child" ???

"Why not to have your own child" ???

"Do you have any medical problem" ???

"Will you raise adopted child with same love and care" ???

"We don't know the background of child, how can we make him/her a part of our family" ???

"Process is too long, why to get into all that" ???

Hundreds of mouths, hundreds of opinions. But just listen to one voice, which is yours - just so pure. 

Millions of children across India are orphaned and abandoned but only a fraction finds its way into family care because adoption rates in India are abysmally low.

This means that there's need of a huge readjustment in the thought process of individual because millions of children denied a future of opportunities to realise themselves.

Ironically, while on the one hand there are millions of children without parents, on the other hand, there are millions of couples want a child in their life and also there is a high increase in infertile couples. But still, most of the prospective adoptive parents go for adoption after having exhausted with medicines and endless trips to the doctors.

When natural conception doesn’t work, medical treatment fails, they turn to adoption.

Adoption rates in India have always been low, so disgraceful figures for a population as mammoth as India’s. Two main reasons to highlight.

Firstly, the attitude towards adoption is not very positive. Couples can happily spend lakhs to buy an IVF package and if they don’t succeed in having a child through medicine, then they will settle without having children at all. After first child, they go for second child or even third in many cases, but adoption, is just not fair for them.

Secondly, ‘Chicken and Egg’ situation. Most Indians have a skewed perception of adoption as they want “their genes, blood and lineage in their child.

Prospective adoptive parents presently are in narrow pool than being parent through the natural birth approach. Adoption rates, therefore, will begin to increase when individuals can shift their mindset from parent-centric, family-centric, religion-centric to child-centric.

‘Come forward young India and bless a child’

Let's be the encouraging changers.








0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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