A Rape Free World

A Rape Free World

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Started by Lorien Haynes

Following the UN 16 Days to End Global Gender Based Violence and today - on Human Right's Day December 10th 2021 - we would like to launch a petition for 


Following the activism of PUNCHED - a vagina monologues style theatre event at The Criterion London, telling survivors stories ...

Following the WHAT NOW Tedx Talk given in Punta Cana today by survivor activist Lorien Haynes ... 

And in honour of Andrea Dworkin, who's speech in 1983 asked a convention of American men for a 24 HOUR RAPE TRUCE - we want to activate this global request. 

During the pandemic and international lockdowns, domestic abuse and sexual violence figures have doubled. As women and girls we don't know how to end rape but that does not mean we cannot ask for it. And that we should not ask our male allies to support us in requesting it. 

Thus we ask you all to sign our petition for A RAPE FREE WORLD and to set this intention to formally request support legislations from governments and world leaders. Today. On Human Right's Day 2021.

14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!