21 to get a gun!

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If you think so, please join me in signing this petition to make 21 the mandatory age for owning a gun. Kids should not be able to buy guns independently without the absolute permission and oversight of their parents.

This is just one way to decrease the number of gun related deaths across our country. My cousin, who serves our country in the military and in the NYPD made a compelling argument. We have a tremendous number of alcohol related deaths in comparison to gun related deaths. I am taking him at his word, and have no reason to doubt him.

Which reminded me that by moving the legal drinking age to 21 in the early 80’s, we noticed, nationally, a significant decrease in alcohol related deaths across all age groups.

So, I believe that raising the minimum age for owning a gun to 21 would be a great 1st step to decrease the number of gun related deaths in this country. if Congress and the Whitehouse could see it in their hearts to raise the age for procuring firearms of any type to the ripe old age of 21, we could see a decrease in the number of gun related deaths, as we experienced in the number of alcohol related deaths, when we raised the drinking age to 21. This takes into consideration maturity levels, addresses teenagers battling with understanding who they are, mentally, emotionally and socially. It allows children to get the real help they need, instead of perhaps self-medicating by picking up a gun that shoots to kill as opposed to using a gun when playing a game of paint ball or some video game which helps to hone their skills as a marksman.

Gun violence and the outrageous murders that keep on happening are not games. As such. Our politicians need to stop playing this game of hot potato and or kick the can with this never ending national crisis.

My ask is simple. Help me secure 100 million signatures on this petition, and when we hit, or preferably exceed, that goal, I will very publicly share our findings so that every politician across America will learn of our demands. I will reach out to Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity, and the CBS Morning News with Nora, John and Gayle or maybe even Oprah during her inaugural year on 60 Minutes, if she would have me, just to get the Whitehouse’s attention.

“Let’s make America great again” needs to include protecting our innocents by raising the age for procuring a gun to the age of 21, making sure teenagers who are still developing socially, emotionally and mentally do not look to a gun to self-medicate their upset or consider using a gun of any kind to make a statement or react to turmoil. Let’s put the responsibility for a teenager owning a gun into the hands of their parents, where it belongs, and not into the hands of developing minds that are not yet mature enough to drink, and one would assume, own a gun.

A person must be 21 to drink. How about they be 21 to buy a gun? If you agree with the concept, and feel it is a great first step in curbing the gun related deaths in this country, please sign this petition.

There are 3 simple things you could do to take a 1st step toward stopping the senseless killings perpetrated by under aged minors. If you are tired of accepting mass killings as the “norm: I implore you to not just effect, but intentionally be the change you want to see happen in our Nation:
1.Sign this petition
2.Share it far and wide and commit to getting at least 500 other people to sign and share this petition, and
3. Since it is always what Congress and the White House suggestions we do as opposed to taking action, would be to Pray. Pray that our voices and our signatures actually open Congress’s eyes, minds and hearts to listen to the People and curb senseless killings at the hand of minors.

Columbine was supposed to be the last time our nation had to mourn the senseless killing of children by children in our schools. Let’s make Broward the last time we see our children kill other children. Let’s listen to the student’s, our aspiring youth crying out for change, and make this our Nations catalyst for sensible gun control as decided by a Democratic Republic, proving that it still is a government of the people, for the people and by the people!

Peace and to be continued….

Albert J. Rizzi, Ms.Ed.


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