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*Plumtree (Bulilima-Mangwe/Kezi) Man Appeals for Funds for Kidney Transplant*
_by Hloniphani Mathiya Ndlovu_

My name is Hloniphani Ndlovu. I am 41years old. I live in Plumtree town in Zimbabwe Africa. I was diagonised with severe kidney failure in February 2015. Then started hemodialysis in the same year. Once you are said to have severe kidney you are given a special diet.

You are told not to eat foods with protein,You are told not to eat fruits with potassium, and above all else you are told to drink fluids which are equivalent to your out put (urine) Now with me there is just one or two drops that come out. so there really is nothing to measure there.

In short. I have not been taking any fluids since I was diagonised with kidney failure. Not even a drop of water.

This has given me such a hard time, especially when hot. I become so weak that even going to do a bit of some work becomes really impossible.

The doctor has suggested that I should do a kidney transplant. We hand found one institution in India were a $25000usd is required for me to go and do a kidney transplant. So I'm appealing to well wishers to please come forward and help me. I would highly appreciate your help.

*Please Contacts*
*Mathiya +263 77 273 0355*
*Difa Wajapi +44 7865 679977*

*_Dear Bulilima-Mangwe and Matobo Districts, at only $25/R340, it will only take 1000 of us to raise this money. How is that? Atitjidzeni mmwe wedu makamu. Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo_*