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For Athelstan's reestablishment in "Vikings"

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Athelstan, the character of the "Vikings" series who was the best written, the best developed, the most interesting, endearing, fascinating, moving, emotionally strong, touching.

Follow the incredible journey and the amazing evolution of this extraordinary character was for many people the reason that made them want to watch the series. It was the favourite character of many people. Without Athelstan, the series won't be the same, has no meaning, because it's above all this incredible character which made it all the wealth, all of its visual and narrative power.

Now that Athelstan is gone, many fans are sad and regret the time Athelstan was among this amazing family that is "Vikings". I hope that with this petition, the character of Athelstan, played brilliantly by the talented George Blagden, will return.

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