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End the exploitation of all animals.

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Humans have developed technologically and philosophically beyond the need to exploit any animal. Exploiting animals does not make humans the same as non-human animals, for humans today can understand that it is both avoidable and desirable to avoid hurting or killing any animal.

Humans know that humans and other animals feel pain and suffer, and that life has an intrinsic value. Most humans understand that they would not wish to be hurt or killed, and it is a simply respectful and kind to provide the same conditions for others as one would desire for oneself that is namely; the right to life, liberty, freedom from suffering, and freedom from all other forms of exploitation.

Humans have NO need to parasite or kill any animal, except in extremis (self defense, or unavoidable starvation).

Humans have no right to live with willful disregard of other species. Respect must be accorded the lives and habitats of non-human species and at all times try to minimize their destructive impact on those habitats.

Humans can live safely and fully with a balanced Vegan diet and while being the only ethical food, is also the most sustainable. Reducing the demand on the worlds finite resources is the best way to reduce further habitat destruction.

Any deviation from these principals could reasonably be called Speciesm and such behaviors viewed with disdain as would any other form of discrimination.

Every effort should be made to limit the ability of less conscientious or ethically undeveloped people to hurt or exploit animals, this can be achieved by utilizing the same means that would normally be used for the defense of human beings and apply them to the defense of animals (though this does not preclude other methods).

Violence to human and non-human animals is damaging to those perpetrating the violence, the victims of the violence, and the spectators of violence.

Violence toward non-human animals may be linked to violence toward humans, both behaviours are undesirable. Socially sanctioned violence against animals may be a gateway to violence against humans and as such it is not just philosophically enlightened but also in self-interest that violence be eradicated to the fullest extent possible, and only employed, unavoidably; in extremis (in order to maintain freedom from exploitation oneself, and for the maintenance of life of oneself or others)

Thoughtfulness towards all creatures is likely to improve thoughtfulness toward human animals, further benefiting society and the individuals that compose it. Such mindfulness is within the abilities of humanbeings and while separating humans from many non-human animals, it is this very enightenment that humans are capable of exhibiting that can be one of our most proudly held defining features.

Such means as to protect animals from exploitation both in the present and future would normally be achievable through good parenting, education, positive social modeling, and law-making (including punishment for transgressions of these principals where all other efforts have failed).

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