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Our fervent goal at BioHome is to institute solar energy systems into local communities in Washington. In the United States alone, we have researched that about 10,000 million tons of carbon emissions exist globally. In fact, since 1970, carbon emissions have had an average annual increase of 120 tons per year. With all the new technologies transcending the modern world, there come no signs of these numbers slowing down - if it weren't for your help. Solar energy is one of the safest and most cost-effective alternatives to reduce carbon emissions in the modern world. Completely free of carbon or emission charge, millions of Americans have converted their homes to solar energy systems as prices have plummeted - and so should you.

Problem/Solution: The problem is that carbon emissions in the world are moving at an unsustainable incline. The solution is to convert more homes to solar energy systems to save money and prevent carbon emissions. 

Cost: The public perception of solar energy systems is that they're expensive, inefficient, and cumbersome - but reality speaks a different tune. Since 2000, the cost per watt ($/W) of solar energy has reduced by about $0.46 per year. Conventional solar panels produce in the median range of 250 watts, which means that modern solar panels save about $115 more per panel per year. The installation cost of solar panels range between $11,144 to $14,696 in the United States, which saves about $962.87 under the average 62.5 watt hours per panel per day. Therefore, in less than 20 years, a single 250 watt solar panel can easily cover the installation costs beforehand.

Solar Incentive Tax Credit (ITC): Although solar energy systems are a profitable long-term investment, many people cannot afford the initial costs. This is where the solar incentive tax credit, better known as the tax credit, comes into play. The solar tax credit deducts 26% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes, which effectively reduces the initial investment of the installation. In other words, solar tax effectively allocates a lesser percentage of your budget towards solar energy systems, which means more of the public can afford them. 

Ecological Benefits:  Aside from the robust financial benefits, solar energy systems have 5 key ecological benefits: reduced air pollution, water usage, dependence on non-renewable energy sources, strengthened global health, and limited climate change. 

1. Reduced air pollution: Fossil fuels create many air pollutants. Solar panels are completely free of fossil fuels, meaning they use clean energy that doesn't contribute to air pollution.

2. Reduced water usage: Hydropower and nuclear energy, two primary sources of renewable energy, use plenty of water to produce electricity. Solar energy systems use energy from the sun, meaning they eliminate water waste in ecosystems. 

3. Reduced dependence on nonrenewable energy sources: Solar energy systems are completely renewable and energy independent for your home. If we use solar energy systems to power our homes, the less non-renewable fossil fuels we need. Without non-renewable fossil fuels, we can prevent or overturn things like air pollution and climate change. 

4. Strengthened global health: According to the US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, we can save more than 25,000 lives with reduced water scarcity and air pollution from solar energy systems.

5. Limited climate change: Solar panels are completely free of carbon emission, which is one of the primary greenhouse gasses that induces climate change.

Goal: Our goal is to convince at least 100 people to sign up for our petition. If you haven't already, get it done now - it's easy!

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