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Justice for Zahra!!!

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On July 4 at 20:40 the Armenian armed forces subjected to fire the Alkhanli village of Fizuli region, using 82 and 120 millimeter mortars and heavy grenade launchers. As a result of this provocation of Armenia, the residents of the village Guliyeva Sakhiba Idris gizi (born in 1967), and Guliyeva Zakhra Elnur gizi (born in 2015) were killed. Guliyeva Servinaz Iltifat gizi (born in 1965), who has got fragment wounds as a result of the shelling, has been taken to the military hospital and was operated on.
The relevant international structures were informed in regard with the incident. Due to adequate retaliatory actions undertaken by the military units of the Azerbaijan's Armed Forces located in this direction, the enemy was suppressed.The Ministry of Defense declares that the military-political leadership of Armenia bears full responsibility for this bloody provocation. What we want? We want investigation. We want justice. Sargsyan must go. To jail as war criminal. 
#armenianaggression #armenianterror #justiceforkarabakh #PABSEC

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