Ban Single-Use Plastic in Canada!!!

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                                    What is single-use plastic?

single-use plastics are plastics like straws, plastic bags, tea packets, soda and water bottles, and most food wrappers. We make 300 million tonnes of single-use plastic every year, and only half it is disposable. Only 10% of plastic is recycled worldwide.

               How is single-use plastic bad for the environment?

There are an annual eight million tonnes of plastic in the ocean, that's close to emptying a garbage truck full of plastic in the ocean every minute. The plastic degrades into tiny pieces of plastic called microplastic. Microplastics are swallowed by marine life and have toxic chemicals that can kill them. Not only does it harm them, but it harms us if we eat seafood. There are more microplastics than stars in the Milky Way.

                             How is plastic getting in the ocean?

80% of plastic in the ocean comes from the land because we don't reduce reuse or recycle. Another reason plastic is in the ocean is because we litter and don't pick up after ourselves.

                                     What can you do to help?

Stop using plastic or single-use plastics like straws, teabags, saran wrap, plastic bottles and packaging.

Donate Now to The Ocean Cleanup Whatcha video about a plastic straw getting stuck in a turtles nose