Awareness about Accesible Election

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According to census 2011 There were 1 179 963 disabled individuals in Tamil Nadu in 2011, a disability rate of 1635 per 100 000 population. Disability in movement, hearing and sight individually accounted for 24%, 19% and 11% of the total disability, respectively. Sixteen districts had disability rates above the state average. The highest disability rate of 2533 per 100 000 was among people aged 60 years and above.

Though i believe government is taking steps to make polling booths more accesible but the physically challenged voters are not made aware of the same.

One of my very close friend said she is willing to vote but she said mostly the booths  are located in schools and have to climb stairs which she feels as an uphill task, when i told her government is taking steps to make election inclusive she refused to believe the same. 
My Grandpa denies to come for polling booth just because that he believes the system is still the same.

Unless/until the acknowledgement comes from you through TV, Radio advertisements and posters these people wouldn't believe that election has become accessible.
Please make an awareness video in Tamil for all kind of disability and make people feel confident and inclusive.
Make it reachable to all corners of the state(Es ply rural areas) and make them aware of how to register for availing the facilities.
Don't lose their votes due to lack of awareness. Make advertisements reachable to those who has to be really made aware.
Thank you.

#Inclusive election #Accesible election  #Awareness