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Sign this petition to show your support to family's , friends and anyone who has been affected by gun violence. By signing this petition you will be recognising the 92 deaths a day that occur due to gun violence. Guns are a weapon that kills , killing in any circumstance is never positive. Yet "guns" are concindered positive by NRA or the general population of America. Are mass shootings positive ? Are children dying positive ? Are innocent people dying positive ? I certainally  do not think so and any rational person I hope  would not think the same . All because of your secound amendment right. Yet this right is overshadowed by the enormous use of wrongful "self protection".I have recently watched under the gun movie , it has shown me how lucky I am to be 16 in Australia and not have to worry about guns , or being killed by a gun. I visited America when I was 12 in Los Angeles every couple of minutes there was an ambulance siren or police siren , to now under stand that 92 People die a day ,to gun related deaths and those sirens I heard could very likely be due to gun violence is heart breaking. Becuse in those 92 deaths a day they could be prevented and if prevention can at least save 1 persons life then why stop it. Raising awareness is the first step I believe to prevent gun violence and to hopefully seeing change !! . 

Here are some alarming facts !! 

1.A person in USA can purchase a gun before they can legally purchase Alcohol.

2. A person in USA can purchase a firearm through a private sale and NOT go through a back ground check.

3. 80% of people who carry out mass shootings are using legally obtained fire arms.

4.Al Qaeda one of the biggest terrorist in the world has stated how easy it is to have / purchase a firearm in USA.

5. There is no limit to how many guns a person can own in USA.

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Lara x 

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