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We don't want Shame because nothing can EVER replace the BRILLANT show that is SKAM.

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Dear Skam fans, 

As you all know the US wants to create a show called Shame based on the AWESOME show that is SKAM but here the thing: They actually wants to make a COPY of it : the same plot lines, the exact same characters, instagram accounts, a web site to upload the clips and text messages in time just like SKAM

AND they want to add the russbuss thing into it. 

THIS guys is a COPY of SKAM. And let's be honest shall we? They only want to create Shame because they saw how loved SKAM actually is across the world because of its originality. The only purpose they have is to take an opportunity to gain a lot of money using the originality of SKAM. 

I know there is basically nothing that we can do but I just wanted to make that petition to show how upset we are with that US version already. America always ruins show making remake. I LOVE SKAM and I don't want another copy. SKAM is unique and we don't need an american COPY. Why recreate pure art? They obviously are incapable of making something of their own they always take things to turn it into something commercial, let's be honest. 

So if you agree with me, let's share that petition even if it doesn't change anything it doesn't cost much to just sign and share that petition. 

This petition will be send to XIX entertainment. 

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