Children Across The Planet in Love, Care and Respect.

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Our mission is "Children Across the Globe in Love, Care and Respect." ICM 2013

How Do We Teach Self Love?

For 7 years we have held the space, set the stage, provided a platform for which the children of the world could flourish. It began with International Children Imagine Peace 2013, into International Children Love Water 2014 Healthy Water = Healthy Bodies, International Children Love Earth-The Home We All Share 2015, International Children Love Whole Being-Body, Mind and Spirit 2016, International Children Love To Create and Play~Game On! 2017, International Children Love Self Love and Cooperation 2018 and now this year, International Children Love Taking it to the Streets 2019!  Recently you have seen the news.. these children are beautiful, powerful, and deserve our support to save their futures, to support their dreams, goals, talents, unique offerings. Each unique and beautiful, contributions to the planet. Each one of us needed. The foundation of this platform are people, with hearts. 

We need everyone to share, donate, and contribute to the platform reaching everyone, everywhere, public, private, community, all schools, into the homes, the hearts, the streets. Our children, innocent, and we must take care of them. If we lose we will have more to deal with in the name of drugs, abuse, and neglect of self and each other. As we triumph, each person who is supporting and activating is a part of a global humanitarian solution that begins inside of their very own heart!  Our governments and school systems are ready for a systematic education transformation.

It is time to embody, teach and share: Love, Care and Respect of All Children. 

We have created this petition as a way to show support of love, care and respect of children and to get the word out further that this fun, interactive, advancement in understanding self, family, community and the world is here! This type of public  transformation in education deserves support. That JUNE is our peak month, but everyday is childrens day! and June 21st is our Children's Global Wave of Love, 1:11 pm in your time zone and heart, we collectively come together to promote, live, uphold and be a part of "Children across the planet in love, care and respect". Many hearts make light work. We thank you for getting involved, and sharing that we care. Let's help support a transformation for all students, teachers, and humanity, that love, care and respect are our foundations. All children, all people, deserve to live a life of ... peace. As we truly come together, the possibilities in the light of love are endless. Thank you for being the soul of the place you stand. 

Every single problem can be brought back to the absence of self love. 

So we ask you this. What would love do?

and we leave you with this..

Imagine if you knew with an unstoppable, indestructible belief, that love, is who you are...

Thank you for your time, consideration, and energy into this movement. You are well received. Many blessings and Much love, Heidi Little, Shannon Crossbear, and Bob Challenger and all the children on earth incoming and present.