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Every single City Council in all states of Australia & the Government: Remove Fluoride from our water!!

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The fluoride contained in our drinking water must be removed. Many research show not only that the fluoridation in our drinking water has a close connection to an increased cancer  risk, but also because it can cause bone cancer, joint problems, bone weakness, lower estrogen and testosterone and it lowers our IQ and hampers with the development of young children's brains.

Researchers have found that fluoride also causes harmful effects to thyroid, kidney patients and heavy water drinkers as it accumulates into the body. Infant formula when mixed with fluoride water delivers 100 - 200 times more fluoride than breastmilk. Sodium fluoride is also common in rat poison and anti-depressants.

Yes, fluoride is good for our teeth, but what is the point in having a set of healthy teeth if you may potentially have cancer in your body? Is it worth lowering your childrens IQ and hampering with their brain development? We must all come together and make our voices heard and speak out for what is right. Could it be the reason that cancer is more common then ever nowadays?

It is bad enough that we have no idea what we put into our bodies when we eat out most times (msg, aspartame, prozac genetically modified food etc etc) sometimes we just pretend not to care, but our drinking water is not a burger we can avoid eating or an additive we can choose to cut out of our diets, there is no way around this deadly issue. The fluoride MUST be removed from our water. If the fluoride in our water has the potential (even in the slightest way) to be the cause of bone cancer or lowering you or your childs IQ then why risk it in the first place? Would you not have a better peace of mind knowing its been removed? I dont know about you but I would rather have bad teeth (which I could always go to the dentist for) then to have a deadly life changing sickness like cancer.   

If you think bottled water is a solution think again. Bottled water is not a safe alternative to tap water because most bottled waters do contain fluoride anyway.

This is a growing concern as it affects the way our brain functions and all of our health as a country. With all of these harmful risks involved no matter how good it may be for our teeth it should be removed from our water completely.

Please help me help us come together and have fluoride removed from our drinking water once and for all. 

I have used the following sources, however please note that there are endless resources out there. I am only sharing my resources so that no plagirism is involved as I have used material from these sources:





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