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April 4, 2018

Hon. Laura Taylor Swain
C/O Daniel Patrick Moynihan
United States Courthouse
500 Pearl St.
New York, NY 10007-1312

Dear Honorable Judge:
We the People, American Citizens born in Puerto Rico, salute you and thank you for your work handling Puerto Rico’s Debt and Bankruptcy case.

We have been following all events concerning the case, your rulings and every motion before your Court. There comes a time that, confusion reigning, makes it absolutely necessary for the People to ask questions. Ultimately, we The People are the one suffering the repercussions of our leader’s incompetence and lack of love and respect for Puerto Rico and its people.
We are also following the Oversight Board’s actions and mainly and most important, our Government’s behavior and doings responding to the situation.

We need to understand what if any difference is between Puerto Rico and anyone before a bankruptcy Court. We know that PROMESA Act was enacted to allow a territory to go to Bankruptcy Court for protection. We also know that anyone before a Bankruptcy Court has accepted their limitation or incapacity to pay their debt in a difficult Financial Situation. Usually, the Court will assign someone to organize financial status and make it possible for the person or a business to comply in a more relaxed way and pay their dues. In Puerto Rico’s case we got a stay to prevent all our creditors take all our assets. We have heard about many ideas and dispositions to make the cuts that will in the future entitle the island to be financially healthy and return to the Market. That sounds nice until you see they are designed to affect only The People especially the poorest, the workforce, public and private, our retirees, and every human being living in the island. There is no question that our government has not understood how unfair this can be for the weakest and less responsible for this financial disaster.

Respectfully, and hoping to get answers, these are the questions:

1-Can someone in Bankruptcy continue to overspend business as usual? Our Government is, millions in contracts, millions in salaries, not for the workers, but to the Executives. Opening of new offices that never existed before and most important, not needed. Example, we have 3 government offices in Washington DC and New York, now, today our Senate is opening a new one at a cost of $400,000.00 a year. Executive salaries and contracts we are complaining about are six figures, ranging from $248,000.00 to $450,000.00 plus. Not to mention the publicity and general contracts politically awarded or needed for political and personal image enhancing issues.

2- Is it possible to get a loose wallet for the government in lieu of the protection of the court? Is it fair to cut pensions, services, salaries and benefits, impose taxing, closing schools, transferring teachers, privatizing to Charter Schools while they are throwing away the People’s money, affecting their benefits and denying the basic services to them? 
3-Is it possible to have a loose wallet with the debt money they are not paying?

4-Why is COFINA allowed in the Bankruptcy when there is a payment source for it?

5-Can the Bankruptcy Court regulate or terminate this money carnival including Government and The
Financial Oversight & Management Board expenditures?

6-Will the Court protect the People in PR overall?

7-Will the Court protect the locals that invested in Puerto Rico 
that have taken a blow in their future 
Plans and are not investment sharks?

Your honor, we are definitely living in confusion, fear, insecurity and despair. We the People need to understand and also rest assure that the your Court , will stop any actions from the Government that will harm, endanger, or put at risk the well being of every one of our citizens who deserve less than the honorable Court’s protection and support. Ultimately, we are “The People”, we are Puerto Rico and it is us before your Court.


Aixa Belville
P.O. Box 361957
San Juan, PR 00936-1957
We The People’s Signatures included.