Ease with pollution or environment with beauty?

Ease with pollution or environment with beauty?

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Hamnah Fatima Sohail started this petition to Every person who wants to make a change

Plastic, a very common thing in our lives.And it might be impossible to live without plastic. And most of you think that it is  really useful, right? But do you know what is the reality behind the plastic? Do you know where it goes after you throw it away?You might be always wondering that  plastic is being recycled after you throw it away, but that's not true.

Plastic was first made in 1905.But it's hazards started appearing in 1990's and the governments were about to ban it. And that's when the plastic producing companies made a scheme that they  will recycle it. Because it was a very good source of money for them, so they didn't wanted to finish it. But unfortunately the plastic wasn't recycled.  And these companies spend million of dollars to promote recycling, why don't they spend this money to actually recycle or find a solution to it and finish plastic pollution?

Plastic is beneficial but it's harms are more than it's benefit.And here are some interesting facts about plastic:

(1)Plastic never decompose completely.

(2)Every minute a truck full of plastic waste is thrown in the oceans.

(3)80 million tons of plastic is thrown away into the oceans every year.

(4)Plastic is found in almost every marine animal.

(5)Plastic is found in human body.

(6)Only 7% of plastic is recycled from since 1990's.

(7)Plastic is even in the depths of the oceans and beauty of the nature which has not even discovered yet.

So, these were some of the facts about plastic.Plastic is everywhere, even in the device you are using right now.Now the question is what could be done to finish the plastic.Plastic can't be finished 100%.But you as a person what can you do to make a change.Don't just leave it on governments, but become the first to take an action.Start it with your own home.Now you might be wondering that what can you do?You can make a difference, here are some of the tips and ideas you can do.

(1)Always reuse plastic.

(2)Use your own tote bags (cotton bags or jute bags) when you go for shopping.

(3)Take your own cup made of steel or glass whenever you buy a coffee from outside.

(4)Create some art pieces with your plastic waste.

Now, you might be wondering that how can this make a difference, let me tell you how. For example if you use 15 plastic bags for shopping once, and if you use your own bag instead so it will save 15 plastic bags to go in the environment and what if you shop 40 times in a year so you will save 600 plastic bags in a year.And this is how big changes start.Because small steps lead to big.So, become the first to make a change and save plastic.Because a plastic free world means a beautiful world.

A single plastic bag thrown away by you can make decision of life and death for animals.

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