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I like to be judged, criticised, shamed

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I am yet to hear from a single female that she likes to be judged, criticised and shamed yet I have met thousands of females who judge, criticise & shame other girls, women. Let's face it. Life of a female is not an easy feat. She has to fight misogyny, societal pressure, meet thousands of obligations, face severe reprimands for following her heart, be answerable for her life's decision to even strangers, get disappointed for expecting fair treatment, be stared at with lust, ridicule and what not. Each one of us has faced it. Yet, we grab the first opportunity for commenting on other women.

Anybody and everybody think that they are entitled to judge us and comment on us be it our mother, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, niece, relatives, neighbours, relatives neighbours, neighbours relatives..... and as if all of this & being stared at by men shamelessly is not enough, we make other women's life even more miserable with our shrewd comments. 

Take a vow today - 

"I will not judge, criticise, shame my sister no matter how pretty or ugly, fat or thin, dark or fair, lazy or active, shabby or decked up, ambitious or homely, smart or dumb, sharp or innocent, pro or naive in household work, good or bad parent (according to you), submissive or aggressive, shy or bold, has good or bad 'assets' and on countless other criteria. Before saying anything about her I will ask myself "Would I like to be talked about in a similar manner? Do I deserve the same comment?" and would treat her the way I expect to be treated by others".

Change starts with self!

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