Protect the Green Belt in the UK from over development

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I live in Billericay, Essex and our local hung Council being controlled by a Labour/UKIP/Independent consortium that have recently ousted the Conservatives from power now have voted through a Local Plan to build at least close to 20,000 new homes in our district by 2034. The de facto Labour Council lead has coerced support from the Independent Councillors by reducing proposed home numbers in their wards and adding to the numbers for Billericay and neighbouring Noak Bridge areas where 100% of nearly 4,000 new dwellings are proposed to be built totally on Green Belt land. Many Majestic Oaks will be cut down and an Ancient woodland become polluted by houses built along two sides and a nearby major new road. The local wildlife habitat for Badgers, Foxes, Rabbits and many types of birdlife will disappear so eventually causing the Ancient Woods to dwindle and die off. Also it is proposed that 15 or more new purposely built Traveller Sites will be contained within the largest developments around Billericay and an as yet to be disclosed further number built in the nearby area of Noak Bridge, which will surely add to the woes of all residents. We accept that our community needs new housing to thrive, but the Objectively Assessed Need for the region that has been derived by the Council such that areas under Conservative control will be inflicted with much larger numbers of new homes than the already overtaxed existing infrastructure can possibly cope with. Our local roads are constantly busy and are now almost car parks in rush hours and school pick up times. Our Schools are already at maximum class numbers, we wait weeks for GP appointments and always over the 4 hours at the Basildon hospital A&E plus our local Water reservoir already often falls below required levels causing supply to be cut off in summer months. The Local Plan will in the next few weeks be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for their review, whilst local organisations are mustering support to present a Legal case for elements of it to be found as unsound. Over the past 4 years a number of email circulars, leaflet drops and public meetings have formed a significant public opinion against previous versions of the Local Plan which were submitted to the Council yet these have been totally ignored with the Council voting to adopt a plan that now proposes 80% more new homes for Billericay and 200% more for Noak Bridge than the previous version that was presented for public consultation. The numbers of proposed homes and the underhand manner in which this Local Plan has been formulated are abjectly wrong, politically motivated and totally undemocratic. We need to have it reformulated by directive from the Planning Inspectorate, which will need further support from local residents, our MP, people in adjacent areas in South Essex who will be impacted in similar ways i.e. Wickford, South Green, Crouch and Steeple View and possibly under her recently announced Green Planet initiative her majesty the Queen herself. Similar massive developments seem to be planned right across the South East counties of England which will see an immense urban sprawl that once permitted can never ever be reversed save for the Russians dropping a nuclear bomb on us! The whole population of South East England need to rise up and force our inept Government to think again about their policy to just build as many new homes wherever it is viable, at the total detriment and forever loss of much of our once GREAT, GREEN, GREEN LAND!

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