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Religious and ethnic freedom for the people of Rohingya in Burma

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For well over a century and a half, the Muslims in the Rakhine state of Burma have been living in Burma. Majority of these people who are known as the Rohingya Muslims were people displaced by the British empire into Burma. They originally come from areas in and around the Indian state of West Bengal (approx. 2.2k miles). These helpless people were forced to walk the full duration of the journey and so it can be argued that they’ve always been wronged in one way or the other. But that doesn’t matter anymore. What’s happened has happened and can’t be changed. But what we can change is the present. Even now, as you’re reading this, the Rohingya Muslims are being tortured, prosecuted, forced to flee their homes and murdered brutally by the Burmese military. Why? What’s their crime? Their crime is that they’re Muslims. Sounds wrong doesn’t it? It is. And the reason the military is doing this is because they fear that this minority population of Burma will soon end up taking over the country. It hasn’t happened in the past so why is it feared now. It’s an unfounded fear. A fear which doesn’t make sense. A fear which is morally wrong. A fear that needs to be changed before matters worsen. The UN has declared the violence faced by the minority Rohingya Muslims in a Majority Buddhist nation as ETHNIC CLEANSING. History is about to repeat itself. The same occurrences happened to the Jews of WW2. The same is being faced by the Muslims of Burma. It’s time to pressurise the Burmese government to stop this injustice. Please please please…… sign and share this petition and help reduce the hardships they’re facing. 

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