Mujtaba Jaffery Akhbari abuses Ayatullah and Ulema. Let us CONDEMN his Satanic Act.

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Earnest Appeal:

That because of the silence of Ulemas the self- proclaimed Akhbaris who are enemies of Marajee Karam and Ulemas has to stooped down to the level that they are using the Majalis-e-Aza wa Mahafil-e-Wiladat – e - Ahlebait(as) as a platform for propagation of their satanic ideology and from Majalis-e-Aza, using the mimbar-e-Rasool(pulpit) declares the love of Allah (swt) as an act of Haram, have been denigrating sanctity of Holy Ahlulbait(as) by equating with non-islamic figures and calling Ali(as) as ‘OM’, ‘Kishan’, and etc, and spitting venom against the prominent religious scholars revered all over the world using derogatory language. Ulemas of Hyderabad are requested to leave their differences and join hands together to condemn the satanic acts of self-proclaimed Akhbaris unequivocally in the harshest tone. Time to Introspect!