Save The NHS March to Parliament - free health care for all

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The Save the NHS petition to Parliament

"We, the undersigned, demand that ALL parties support a return to the provisions of the 1946 Act and return to the Minister of Health the legal responsibility to secure the provision of the NHS free at the point of use, and restrict access to the NHS for private service providers who are, effectively, profiteering from the suffering of British taxpayers."

The Original Act

"It shall be the duty of the Minister of Health to promote the establishment of a comprehensive health service designed to secure improvement in the physical and mental health of the people, and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness.

The services so provided shall be free of charge"


Please sign... this is y/our future. Hopefully we'll see you along the way. If you want to lead the March at any time, please do (especially if you love the NHS or you are an NHS professional)