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Sack every policeman who condemns victims instead of criminals.

Dear Leaders,

This is a good time to watch NDTV and see the state of our country exposed in Tehelka's sting of Delhi Police and their attitude toward women and victims of sexual crimes. Read the article about the sting here:

This will not do.

This is against our constitution. We want you to act and insist on this, and no less than this at the bare minimum:

1. Sack B K Gupta for failing to lead a life affirming human rights respecting culture in Delhi Police AND making claims to the contrary.
2. Sack every policeman caught on tape slandering victims of horrible crimes.
3. Make this the gold standard - unceremonious sacking of every person in authority who are accessories to crimes by encouraging a perception of impunity for criminals and who victimize victims for seeking justice.
4. Make it mandatory for any comment to anyone about a crime to begin with a condemnation of crime, not victim. Make condemnation of victims prosecutable.
5. Make sting videos an acceptable evidence for immediate suspension till investigations can be made.

When we say sack, we mean sack. Unceremoniously OUT. Not polite asking for resignations like it is a multiple choice question. Upholding the law requires that the police are on the side of the people harmed by criminals. If they victims as deserving of the crime, then they are accessories to the crime by occupying positions of power and creating impunity for criminals.

Or resign and let someone else take your place who will do this.

A Furious Indian

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