Do Not Sensationalize Social Atrocities. Sensitize People. Stop There. Period.

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Let’s Not Sensationalize Social Atrocities. Sensitize People. Stop There. Period.

This mad race for TRPs and publicity has to stop.  Yes, rape is a heinous crime and needs to be talked about. Yes, people need to be made aware. No, the victims pictures should not be circulated. No, the victim should not be trending on pornography sites. It breaks my heart and makes me outraged when day after day I read about these rape cases, printed in excruciating detail; of how she had been repeatedly raped and sodomized, how perpetrators had penetrated her in different ways, so on and so forth. The victims' parents does not want to read that and neither do we. This extreme violence is fast becoming a benchmark for reporting rape cases and crimes in India. Sensationalization of social evils and atrocities for political gains, raising TRPs or readership or personal publicity should not be tolerated anymore. Salacious reporting needs to stop. The trauma and aftermath of the tragedy should be handled sensitively. Crime trends popular reading but brutality should not be used to gain popularity.

This is a petition against Sensationalization of social evils. People need to be made aware of the crimes happening in our country but not of the lurid details. Lets spread awareness, not viciousness. Its high time we stop using hashtags as an alternative for justice. I’m not going to sit here and tell what you should or shouldn’t fight for. That’s your personal journey and I can only hope that you’ll pick the right one. Let's not trend the victims pain and suffering in the social media. Let's not politicize or publicize atrocities and trigger perversion or riot in the garb of negation.

I am Aynbrren Sayed and this is my clarion call against sensationalization of social atrocities, heinous crimes and rapes. Let's stop it. Together.