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Officially make "The holy Church of the divine Booze" a religion

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Cheers, my brothers,
We are the holy Church of the divine Booze. We seek to bring enlightenment and happiness to the world by alcohol consumption. Sadly we aren't officially recognized as a religion in any countries right now. But we're trying to change that with this petition. I hope we get enough signatures to finally be recognized as what we truly are.
May Lord Alcohol be with you at all times.
A. Eckschwein

If you want to know us a bit better, here are our 10 commandments, which truly represent our love and compassion in the holy Church of the divine Booze:
1: Thou shalt never spill thyne liquor.
2: Thou shalt drink at least one beer per day.
3: Thou shalt honor thyne alcohol, whenever thou canneth do so.
4: Thou shalt not leave a drunken brother behind.
5: Thou shalt not take advantage of another drunken follower.
6: Booze is thyne only hope to find salvation, for it is lord alcohol's divine gift to humanity.
7: Thou shalt never stop a brother from drinking.
8: Thou shalt not be taken over by rage when drinking.
9: Thou shalt never be sober for more than one week.
10: Thou shalt carry a bottle of strong booze with thou at all times.

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