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Every day, 4 women die as a result of abuse & 3 children die as a result of abuse.

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Nearly everyday there's a reporting of women and in some cases entire families being murdered by their husbands or boyfriends who were release on bond for domestic violence. My four children were murdered by their father December 09, 1989, who had abused me and threaten to kill anyone who could have helped me escape his terror with a machine gun.

Unfortunately, the laws often have not been written in a manner that authorizes preventive intervention. The law for domestic violence and stalking should include provisions of mental health evaluation of all arrested suspects, and court - ordered treatment for all violators as recommended by a mental health professional. The abuser and/or stalker should be ordered to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, and the victim requested to wear a monitoring bracelet to automatically notify the police when the order of protection has been violated and the prohibited person is within striking distance of the victim. This would enable the victim to be notified and given safety instruction specific to the environment, and the police a small window of proactive prevention. Although anger management classes are usually ordered for violators, the bigger picture of the violence and / or obsessive behavior manifesting from mental illness has been overlooked. Violators are not evaluated for homicidal ideation; thought disorder (hallucinations/ delusions/ paranoia); poor impulse control; explosive disorder (to suddenly erupt into violent behavior); and presenting a physical danger to others. Therefore the violator’s cycle is not broken, but is allowed to escalate sometimes to the murder of the victim. Often, when victims of domestic violence terminate their relationship with the abuser, they find themselves trapped in an escalated cycle of stalking. For many the cycle of stalking is broken with the ultimate cost of their life. Mental illness cannot be treated by a bandage of an anger management class.
This state of affairs renders the law weak as a protective measure. There is a need to call for lawmakers to address the mental health aspect of domestic abuse, and stalking.

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