We want Kraken to Take Over Quadriga

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Quadriga was once Canada's leading Cryptocurrency exchange. On December 9th the CEO and founder Gerry Cotten died with all the keys to the exchange's cold wallets (or so we are told). The exchange promptly shut down with all users fiat and cryptocurrency. Leaving over 100,000 users owed money and many more owed cryptocurrency. Jesse Powell the CEO of Kraken, another leading cryptocurrency exchange in canada has been vocal on Twitter about how Quadriga mismanaged users funds and feels the story of the CEO's death is not believable. This is a petition to Jesse Powell and Kraken to buy out Quadriga, honor it's users funds and to take over control of the Quadriga exchange. This would build tremendous brand loyalty and be a huge positive media story for Kraken. This would be the greatest feel good story in Crypto and would boost Kraken's user base by hundreds of thousands overnight.

Let your voice be heard and let's see if Kraken will be the saviors of hundreds of thousands of crypto users in Canada and beyond.