Global demilitarization

Global demilitarization

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Every citizen of planet Earth

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Started by Leonid Berejansky

Today, every country in the world invest billions in any currency and endless effort in machines and tools with only purpose to KILL OTHER PEOPLE. In last 20 years, after so many conflicts around the Earth, countless people lost their countries, homes and lifes. Behind every lost life, stands many others, from a factory personnel, distribution network, "consumers" and finally, ones that FINANCIALLY BENEFIT FROM OTHER'S LOST LIFES.

Many countries today declare that they have enemies that want to destroy their countries. The point is, that this "potential threat" is in country leaders head only. Don't believe me? Ask people around you. Ask them if they want to KILL and they want to DIE. If you or someone around you will answer YES, ask few more questions, start with "WHY?" And you will hear your POLITICS WORDS AND STATEMENTS". People that don't value other's lifes doing so because the were told that they are ALLOWED TO DO SO. All that have one purpose, TO MAKE MORE MONEY. 

We can change it. We can stop the pointless killings. WE CAN SAVE MILLIONS by boycotting greed of a minority that FINANCIALLY BENEFITS from people's suffers. 

By this petition I want to reach to as many people as possible and ask you to imagine world where people aren't trying to solve their disagreement by invading other countries. World, where people know about war from history books and not from personal experience. World, where we teach our kids that we are HUMANS, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS, regardless of your location on Earth, color of your skin, language that you speak and your religion.

Think of all the effort that today is put to KILL others can do if it will be directed to build a better life for people of Earth. 

By this petition I want everyone of citizens of our Earth to stand up and SAY NO TO KILLINGS AND DISTRACTION.

By this petition I want you to chose life and in my vision, this OUR NEW STEP IN EVOLUTION.

I thank everyone that choose better life for humanity and remember, TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!!!

Everyone is welcome to evolve the idea, I tried to share my thoughts to the best of my abilities.

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!