We want to change the road safety culture in India

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His death and impact on our lives

His name was Baidyanath  Pandey  and to me he was like lord Shiva. He was my Father in law in the eyes of people who know me but to me he was father, a mentor a guide and a person I would look forward to even to resolve my personal problems. I am myself 52 years of age, worked and travelled all around the world with different nationality, and creed of people but never met anyone like him.

He was so righteous he stood against his very close friends as the only CBI witness in a scam case which is still running in Bhuvneshwar court. To me he was a light house, his untimely death has devastated me, and changed my future plans for ever.

He was dismissed very cheaply and he deserved better. At 76 he was envy of friends and whoever knew him, a 6’2” tall, straight and agile for his age. Looking at his condition we were thinking he would live more than 100 years.

A rash pick up driver killed him at a place where there is no crossing, no foot bridge and no speed limit . I wont let his death be another road accident number. I want this incident to make an impact which will change the road safety culture in India across all state.

I will fight against the system which does not care for poor people, for pedestrian who when ever crosses the road puts his life at Risk. Against the corrupt businessman who owns the truck and do not care for people on road, tries to influence people and police to change the name of driver so that he is absolved of criminal liabilities, against government agencies who are in nexus with the rich builders who do not care about safety and fail to provide simple ameneties like a safe crossing or a foot bridge for a population of 50000 where approach road is 20’ road.

Against Traffic police who fail to implement simple government rules, against Panchayat who are hand in globes with builders. Against corrupt RTO officials who close their eyes and provide driving licence to novice and anyone and passes the vehicles with illegal structures. I know the fight is tough but also like tough fights.