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Every child should have a school locker

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Carrying heavy school bags is a concern for some students and families. Now a days students have to carry bags that are way too heavy on their backs, what with loads of books, lunch boxes, extra mural items, PE kits, projects etc, not to mention the heighten security risks with schools now adopting the use of ipads, tablets and laptops. Many students are suffering from back pain. The health, safety and wellbeing of students should be a priority for all school departments as well as the Education MEC. The prevention of back pain and other musculoskeletal injuries is
important for students’ current well being and their long term health.
Students may experience:
 Fatigue,
 Muscle strain,
 Back pain,
 Distortion of the spine’s natural curves,
 Rounding of the shoulders.

Research shows that, where possible, backpack weights should be less than 10% of the student’s body weight. Schools and parents should work together to achieve this goal.

What about lockers?

Some schools offer this to their children but not all schools, some often saying they are a small school and don't require lockers, its not the school we want this service for its our children! Some schools offer the service but don't re-enforce the use of the lockers. Items are being stolen from schools during sports games as bags have no where to be stored. Also causing unnecessary clutter in hall ways, which can lead to accidents.
The installation of lockers at schools is often raised as a solution to carrying heavy school bags. The installation of lockers is a school-based decision dependent on funds, space, supervision, security and maintenance and would improve the schools image.

Some Schools Say No, that schools prevent gun violence and other crimes by removing lockers from schools. However, you can hide weapons in backpacks and schoolbags. Officials and teachers can easily subject them to random searches.

Some added benefits of having lockers in schools;

 Helps children take care and value their possessions
 Improves personal responsibility and time management skills
 Somewhere safe to store valuable items
 Somewhere for female children to keep personal items that they don't want everyone to see

If we all work together we can change the schools approach to offering lockers to students.....




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