Demand the resignation of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.

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Demand the resignation of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.

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Agni Ortiz started this petition to Every Canadian citizen and resident

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews introduced in the House of Commons a controversial new electronic surveillance bill, the "Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act" ,that would give authorities unprecedented new powers to monitor the online and phone habits of Canadians, without a warrant.

“We are proposing measures to bring our laws into the 21st century" Mr. Toews said, and that critics of the Bill  “can either stand with us or with the child pornographers.”

His comments are an insult to those who care about civil liberties and a direct attack on those who support the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. By implying those in disagreement are criminals, Vic Toews has besmirched his reputation as a minister and deeply offended the citizens of Canada.

His perverted antagonistic vision clouds objective reasoning, while his lack of understanding of the very legislation he fiercely demands Canadians to accept, shows clear and troubling incompetence for such a high ranking Official. Therefore he is not longer capable of performing the duties entrusted to the Ministry of Public Safety. He should resign immediately.

Let's make politicians accountable for their total disregard for Canadians and their values, rights and freedoms.

This is the only existing petition demanding Vic Toews resignation.

By signing and inviting others to do the same, this exponential multiplication will create powerful quantities to affect change.

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Future generations will greatly appreciate your gesture. Thank you.

Useful Details

The so-called “lawful access” legislation, requires Internet service providers and cellphone companies to provide customer information to police and appointed "inspectors", without the need for a warrant. It also demands ISPs and phone companies to install equipment for real-time surveillance and create new police powers designed to obtain access to the surveillance data  24/7.

Mr. Toews repeatedly denied these facts and continued to attack critics, until Evan Solomon of CBC confronted him with content of Section 17 and section 34 showing exactly the far reaching provisions of the bill. Mr. Toews expressed surprise saying was the first time he heard of that!

Prior to his comments he has been smearing Lawful Access critics for weeks, even when Canada’s privacy commissioners got together and wrote an open letter opposing the Bill warrantless requirement, a sentiment echoed by legal experts, professional organizations and the general public.

The only course of action if we want to protect our rights is to demand that only accountable and honorable citizens occupy public office.

Finally a comment for consideration by Philippa Lawson for the BCCLA

"...the Lawful Access proposals are motivated to some degree by international peer pressure and Canada’s desire to ratify the Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime.
But the experience of other jurisdictions that have enacted similar laws in recent years is not promising: although the new laws have contributed to an explosion of state surveillance with the inevitable accompanying misuse of powers, there is little evidence that they have actually improved state security."

and  short video of Ricks Rant here=>

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This petition had 1,812 supporters

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