We need to realise that the girl child has rights like any other child. Let us plan their life and give then education to university level. House work and marrying them at 9 is not a future we are killing our own children.

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There are a number of girls who dont live to realise their dreams either because the parents feel they will not be useful in the future or they deliberately stop them from finishing their education and marry them out in their tender age. Be a man and have mercy, 'what if this 9 year old was my sister would i marry her to this 40 year old man.'

The pain goes to every boy, man, father and grandfather to be the primary ambassador than perpetrator of girl child rights. Girls, woman, mother,  grandmothers, boys, man, fathers and grandfathers we are human what we dont want to be done to us we would not force a girl child to do it because they are voiceless, under your roof, you brought them to this world; Please end household slavery. Send every girl to University