Change Evergreen State College's mascot to Pepe the Frog

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Too many people remain unaware of the constant oppression of the diasporic Kekistani people. This one issue remains the single most ignored topic of discussion amongst those engaged in the global war for social justice. The Kekistani people, many of whomst are simple farmers who humbly tend to their memes, have been persecuted the world over and deserve a homeland of their own free from oppression.

We, the undersigned, humbly request that Evergreen State College, change their mascot from the strange, often mocked and misunderstood "Speedy the Geoduck" to a (just as green, but) much much more comprehensible symbol that carries with it the banner of social justice: PEPE THE FROG!

The Kekistani people, far from being saddened or offended by this act, would welcome the opportunity to allow our blessed frog to Evergreen State College to serve as your mascot as doing so would do nothing but help bring a spotlight to the plight of our people into the minds of the media. And it will help us along our long, long way to ensuring a homeland for the Kekistani people.

Just, please, no yiffing. Seriously, just, please god, no.

"If you meme it, it is no dream."

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