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Immediately Release T-Bone & Lucky to a Rescue Organization

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On March 6th, 2015, T-Bone & Lucky were spotted by concerned citizens.  Caddo Parish Animal Control was immediately called.  These two pit-bulls were extremely emaciated and chained heavily with no shelter.  Animal control gave the owner 24 hours to improve the dogs' living conditions.  After 48 hours and no follow up from animal control, the Shreveport Police Department was notified and animal control finally seized the two dogs (March 8th, 2015).  Caddo Parish Animal Shelter has a 72% euthanasia rate; because T-Bone & Lucky are both considered to be "pitbulls" and are clearly in terrible shape, rescue organizations and foster homes immediately stepped up, requesting to take the dogs and get them the treatment and care they so clearly need.  T-Bone and Lucky are suffering from severe malnutrition, heart worms, hookworms and whip worms.  During a press conference held by Everett Harris, director of Caddo Parish Animal Control, Harris told the public that they (CPAS) were "trying everything in [our] power to make sure these animals are comfortable and that they find companions for life...We can care for the animals just like they can" (i.e., rescue organizations).  Parish officials were also quoted as saying the dogs "were emaciated but appeared active and full of energy."  This is simply not the case.  These dogs are hardly able to stand.  Yet, they were put in stray-hold, open to the weather and without any source of heat, thus susceptible to other dogs' diseases/illnesses.  How is this an acceptable alternative to 24-hour care in a warm environment by experienced, caring rescue organizations?  One of the contracted shelter veterinarians even stated that the dogs would be more likely to survive and recover outside of the shelter.  There has already been $1,220.00 raised for the treatment and recovery of T-Bone & Lucky once they are released to a rescue home.  If they do not survive due to the conditions at the animal shelter, this money will go to our local spay/neuter clinic, Robinson's Rescue. 

Dr. Woodrow Wilson, Parish Administrator, stands behind his appointees' (Everett Harris') decision 100%.  We as taxpayers request the release of these two dogs immediately to one of the rescue organizations who have generously offered to take them.  If this request is not met, we demand the Caddo Commissioners have Wilson, who appointed Harris to his position, step down as Parish Administrator.  It is our hope that  the new Parish Administrator would be contracted  to hire an experienced, qualified ,caring individual in Harris' position as head of animal control.  Wilson and Harris are refusing to work with the community in this case, just as in many instances in the past.  Since we as citizens pay their salaries, and neither of these men lives in Caddo Parish, the least they can do is listen to the public majority, begin by releasing T-Bone & Lucky, and continue to fight for the betterment of Shreveport and the animal community.  It was extremely distressing when, at the press conference, Harris stated that the owner of these animals was just "overwhelmed."  This is unacceptable & worrisome, since under Harris' supervision, dogs in similar conditions have been returned to their owners.

Part of Caddo Parish Animal Control's responsibility is working "closely with rescue organizations and humane societies to save as many pets as possible."  It is time for animal officials to care more about the animals, their relations with the public who pays their salaries, than power and money.  There is absolutely no reason T-Bone & Lucky shouldn't be put in the care of a rescue organization, and there is no reason for our public officials to ignore public outcry. 

For more information on T-Bone & Lucky and the public's ongoing battle with Caddo Parish Animal Control, please visit the links listed.


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