Add anakins force ghost to star wars episode 9

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Anakin Skywalker is undoubtably one of the most well written and complex characters ever made ( I mean he kind of is the man behind the mask). Many people get caught up in how Hayden Christensen was a spoiler to the movie, however I feel that he was the perfect role, capturing the conflicted young teenager, and his dark and twisted emotional journey, his imperfections made him real, and further helped to portray his descent to his destiny and make him a lot more ralatable as probably intended (I mean who doesnt remember their first love and how awkward they were! Give him some sympathy, after all he is not the script writer *cough cough George Lucas* and we know how irritating sand is).

His story made fans fall in love with him and his bitter love story of fear and possession, which in irony drove him to his worst, now these fans are older and just as nostalgic as the originals, those who have been there since the beggining yearning for their heros to make the big screen not just as mere cameos or for quick death scenes without meaning)

Dont make the same mistake as many see in the prequels by not satisfying the nostalgic need of the original audience (even if somewhat impossible at the time) add the character who set out the films for us, the character that has links to everything and anything in every movie and the character who has reached millions of hearts with his surprisingly relatable, tragic heartaching story. 

After all, you could see it this way

Prequels: Rise and fall of Anakin

Originals: Redemption of Anakin

Sequels: Legend of Anakin ( Kylo Ren his grand son and clearly highly driven by Vaders Legend)

So i just think that we should end it where it started, to show the full circle the balance of the force and play tribute to the chosen one. Once and for all, he will be at peace.