Everbank: Join over 1,000 leaders in America vowing to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement

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Over 1,200 leading mayors, governors, college and university leaders, businesses, and investors in the U.S. have announced they will support the conditions of the Paris Climate Agreement to send a strong message that the U.S. is still a world leader. According to , the businesses listed include Facebook, eBay, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Target, NIKE, and Google. Financial companies include Brekenridge Capital Advisors, Parnassus Investments, and Easternbank.

Everbank is the leading business in Jacksonville, FL. As The City of Jacksonville, Florida, and the State of Florida are not on that list, it is up to Everbank to take charge and lead the way. We the citizens of Jacksonville, FL and beyond want to send the message to the world that we also care about the environment and advocate for steps to be taken to protect the Earth and its natural resources. We depend on the health of our Ocean and rivers for tourism and our livelihood. 

We are proud of the work Everbank has done in our community, empowering youth, contributing to housing and economic development, and fueling financial literacy in our local neighborhoods. We challenge Everbank to extend this vital giving back to include our natural resources that we all depend on to thrive. Take this opportunity to be the voice telling the world that the people of Jacksonville, FL are committed to being good stewards of this Planet for future generations to come. We thank you and trust you will step forward and amplify our voice. 

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