Splendour In The Grass Plastic Free 2019

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Have you ever witnessed the aftermath of a music festival? Last year there was a staggering amount of rubbish left behind at Splendour in the Grass.

After music lovers party it up, they bring home unforgettable memories, but they often leave behind mountains of waste and forgotten personal items that litter the festival grounds. camping gear was strewn all over the camping ground.  Plastic cups and bottles on the ground like tossed glitter. 

Splendour In The Grass is located at the North Byron Parklands, Byron Bay pride themselves on being eco-friendly but why have they let this one slip.  

27,500 festival-goers this year all making tons of waste over the 3-day festival. But this can be minimized with practices and promotion from the Splendour in the Grass event organizers for 2019.

- Allowing patrons to use reusable's

- Making Food Stalls accountable with compostables and having compost facilities. Ban Plastic straws/ cutlery and plates 

Food stalls could go through 50,000 disposable plates during a festival, and while the idea of composting is a great initiative, reusing plates and cups and avoiding landfill altogether.

- Banning plastic drink bottles like Glastonbury Festival.

In 2014, Glastonbury introduced environmentally friendly stainless steel bottles and water kiosks for the cost-free refill of any kind of receptacle, followed in 2016 by stainless steel pint cups designed to be “non-aerodynamic, to minimize injuries from throwing”. Use of these containers was optional. 

Jack Johnson concerts had stainless steel pint cups to reduce plastic waste also.

Glastonbury organizers have previously estimated that 1m plastic bottles are used during the event. These are staggering numbers.

- Make "Leave No Trace" a policy for camping festival-goers. Yes, it's nice to sell tickets to Little Foot campsites but this should be for all campers.

This is a project worth working towards, and teaching people about their waste consumption through a large platform like Splendour in the grass is a great initiative. I can be done and with everyone's support, we can make the change.