Stop the promotion and support of a Lingerie Football League in Australia.

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Stop the promotion and support of a Lingerie Football League in Australia.

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Kristy Lang started this petition to Senator Kate Lundy (Minister for Sport and Recreation) and

The American Lingerie Football League (LFL) is touring Australia with "All-Star" Games to take place in Brisbane and Sydney in June. It has also been announced that the league will be introduced to our shores on a more permanent basis in 2013. For those of you not in the know, the LFL is an American, female grid-iron football game, where participants must be lingerie clad, to better expose their breasts and buttocks – the obvious attraction of the game. Triple M is supporting and promoting the league; we are petitioning them to withdraw this support.

Three Reasons why we will not support the following organisations: Triple M, Ticketek, 7 Yahoo Sport, Live Guide, Allphones Arena Sydney, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and TeleCafe if they continue to support and promote the LFL  

1.   The LFL sends the message that women’s sport is only valuable if the subjects are sexually desirable (in a narrow and pornified way).  Rather than supporting a sport that, by its premise, sends this message, Triple M should seek to foster greater support for our existing female athletes and teams.  It also perpetuates the notion that women are inferior to men in athletic pursuits, since their athleticism is secondary to their sexuality. By promoting LFL, Triple M is undermining women’s sport. We already have fantastic women sportspersons and the idea that we need to objectify them to make women’s sport appealing is amoral… And frankly, heart-wrenching!    

2.     The LFL contributes to the negative impact of the overwhelming sexualization and objectification of women and girls in our society.   It reinforces the message that women’s value lies in their sexual desirability. This has important implications for the mental health and self-esteem of women today, as can be evidenced by the rates of depression, anxiety and eating disorders among young women.              

3.     These organisation's support of the LFL does not adhere to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is the idea that enterprises should not benefit from harmful and exploitative activities. A goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for a company’s actions and seek to impact positively on society.  We expect this aim from them, as supporting the LFL is contrary to such a goal!  Until Triple M and the other organisations withdraw their support of this degrading public spectacle we will not listen to their radio station or support their companies.

The following letter is from a 14 year old male student:

Dear Triple M,

I am writing this letter to protest your support of the lingerie football league coming to Australia.

I beg you, I plead to you; please do not promote this horrible, pornographic, dehumanizing non sport coming to our country. I am a heterosexual adolescent male and I am appalled that this should even be considered. The entire life of every child born in modern day is bombarded with pornography in every media form seen or heard. Because of this their whole view on life is being sexualized. But this is going too far. Of all the pornographic things flooding life, this is the most objectifying, dehumanizing and foul representation of women that I have seen. As a very popular and good hearted radio station, beloved by millions, you cannot defile yourselves by associating Triple M with this mockery. This will represent our country in perhaps the worst way possible. I am 14 years old and I have only barely managed to not succumb to the crude and sexist thinking towards women but with this in the world the next generation will not be able to steer their thoughts otherwise.


Reconsider your decision on this for our children, for our society and for our country.

Yours sincerely,

Texus Kent, ( formerly proud Australian.)


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This petition had 2,018 supporters