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Event Cinemas Australia: Please reduce your movie ticket prices...

Event Cinemas are starting to become the most expensive cinema chain in Australia, with prices such as $20.50 for an adult 3D ticket (which does not include the price for 3D glasses) and $17.50 for an adult 2D ticket. Other organisations, such as Cineplex, charge just $11 for an adult 3D ticket and just $8.50 for an adult 2D ticket. Once I have bought popcorn and a drink, the Event Cinemas price goes up to $30-$35 for a 3D movie... This could buy me a single ticket for a day at the zoo or a local theme park! Why are Event Cinemas prices so high?!? I reckon that if their prices went down, then their viewing figures (on days other than 'Cheap Tuesday') would go up.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Event Cinemas
    Luke Mackey, General Manager of Event Cinemas Australia
  • AHL (which owns Event Cinemas Australia)
    David Seargeant, Managing Director of AHL

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