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The person sitting in our White House should not be there, as his election was and is illegal.  He was elected by Russia's hacking, suppressing the vote and redistricting voter areas, which then disenfranchised a lot of voters.  Wisconsin counties admitted to padding the Ballot boxes with votes for Trump to make sure he won.  They refused a correct recount and did it the same way they did November 8, 2016 and refused to let the Democratic observers close enough to see the Ballots or what they were doing.  They were told by the lady (a Republican) that was head of the Election Committee that if they didn't stay back she would have them thrown out.

Michigan certified their Votes, after stating that 612 precincts couldn't be counted because the boxes didn't balance, seals were broken, etc. and that was in Detroit and other Democratic strongholds.  The same thing happened in Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia, where the complaints of being sent to 4 or 5 different Polling Places to vote and where told at each one they were in the wrong place!  They received information that they were to vote at the first place they went, but they wouldn't let them vote and at the last place it was getting so close to closing time they were told they could cast a Provisional Ballot, even though they were registered voters.

This election is as ILLEGAL as anything can be and you know it.  Our COUNTRY, our LIVES and the LIVES of our children and grandchildren are being DESTROYED by it.  You Justices sit on the Bench of the highest Court in our Country and are the only ones that can set this straight.  There is NO precedence for it in our Constitution and only you can set one.  We are the laughing stock of the World and about to be in two (2) Wars (North Korea and Iran) at the same time and they will be fought on the soil of the United States of America this time. 

I don't care if you are a Conservative Justice, a Progressive Justice, a Liberal Justice or none of those, you are the FINIAL Justice in the United States that we have and are suppose to be FAIR and do what is RIGHT for America and the American people!  Please remove the ILLEAGAL President and Vice President by nullifying their win and installing the rightful winners of the 2016 election Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.  They were the CHOICE of the people by POPULAR VOTE not by the FRAUDULENT and ILLEGAL tactics, OF STUFFING BALLOT BOXES, CHANGING THE MAPS DISTRICT LINES AND DISENFRANCHISING BLOCKS OF VOTERS, PUTTING THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE IN REPUBLICAN STRONG HOLDS, RUSSIA HACKING OUR DATA AND VOTING MACHINE AND CHANGING JUST ENOUGH VOTES FROM HILLARY TO TRUMP TO MAKE SURE HE WON THE ELECTION!  These were the tactics that were pulled off to illegally elect Trump/Pence and Trump, since he was the one yelling about voter fraud and telling his supporters to go to the polling stations and make sure his votes were right and nothing illegal was going on!  His campaign and more than likely his kids knew all about it and exactly what was going on. 

You can't possibly believe that what he is doing to our Country and Lives is right.  Their illegal actions gave us an IDIOT in the White House and cost us the most experienced and qualified person to ever run for President in the history of our Country.  Hillary Clinton still managed to WIN the popular vote and was CLEARLY the majority of American's choice!!   ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE SHOULD TAKE PRECEDENT OVER 270 (PEOPLE) ELECTORAL VOTES, ESPECIALLY WHEN WE KNOW THEY WERE RECIEVED ILLEGALLY, AS ALREADY ACKNOWLEDGED BY THE EXIT POLLS, SOME OF THE STATES AND THE FACT THAT HE WON 3 DEMOCRATIC STATES STRONGHOLDS ALL BY JUST 1% AND I BY 1.5% AND 3 BY 1.5% TO 2 %!! 




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