Anti-Ganking Petition (to CCP)

gankers in hisec cause players emotional harm because its fun for them its not about stopping mining. read the awful forms. There are out to break eve like they have every other game they have played. But since most of CCP is now gankers guessing you dont really care about my playstyle, so long as you and rest of gankers are having fun its all good right !!! low null wormhole make up 75% of eve but the 25% where carebears play is where all the ganking happen. you are correct in that its a game, a game people have but time and effort into just to have it torn to shit by grieffers and gankers who dont give a damn about anyone but themselves and that's why i canx all of my accounts i refuse to play the way others want me to play in a game where i have a choice and i believe in my heart when only gankers work for CCP thats all eve online will care about

Do Ho, Huntsville, TX, United States
4 years ago
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