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Eve of Equality in America

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EVE OF EQUALITY A Proclamation From Allied Students of America and Faith In America As the younger generation of America, we have obtained knowledge and understanding pertaining to gender orientation that was not available to previous generations. Scientific study and personal testimony affirm the widely accepted fact that many individuals are hard-wired to fulfill their human sexuality through same-gender relationships. For these individuals, their same-gender emotional, psychological and physical bonding is as natural to them as opposite-sex bonding is to others. This knowledge and understanding produces a simple truth – that a person's innate gender orientation should not be the basis for unworthiness or their undeserving of the rights, freedoms and privileges that all other citizens enjoy in America. There is another aspect that girds this truth and that is the knowledge and understanding derived by our relationships with our gay and lesbian family members, friends, peers and acquaintances.  These relationships reveal that these individuals are no different than us in terms of their value, worth, aspirations and other qualities that bind us together as a single human family. Because of these truths, we reject any and all attempts to label our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters as less in value to society. We particularly stand opposed to those attempts by certain religious and political factions to place a stamp of spiritual and moral disapproval on these individuals.  We believe it is important to single out such religion-based hostility because we know and understand the immense emotional, psychological and spiritual trauma that has been caused to so many when such human derogation is afforded a moral and religious stamp of approval. We have lost many of our generation because they could not withstand the weight of such rejection, stigma, hostility and condemnation. As a generation who will be asked to join such institutions, we will never find comfort with those which justify and promote such harms toward people we know, respect, love and care for.  Our response will be conditioned upon the acceptance of our gay and lesbian neighbors as fully deserving and fully worthy of all that those institutions may offer. We as a generation will bring to reality a full societal and human embrace of our gay and lesbian family members, friends and peers.  We speak as the voices of tomorrow – marriage equality is an ideal which our generation embraces and our embrace of this ideal ensures its inevitability.  That's because as this generation, we know that marriage equality is an integral part of the human embrace that our generation upholds as a societal ideal.   Visit Allied Students of America at Visit Faith In America's Faith and Equality web site at

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