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Getting justice for my daughter.

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This is a second petition I am starting for my daughter Kaylei Lahnay Colzie (carter), I am Kayleis father, my name is Lernard Colzie, I am from Atlanta GA, my daughter Kaylei was stolen from me, her family, and her happy life by the person who was suppose to want the best, and nothing less for her, which is her mother. Kaylei was taken from Atlanta GA to Evansville Indiana in September of 2015, where she was instantly introduced to another man, confusing her because all Kaylei knew as a man was her father whom she spent everyday day of young life with up until she was just completely snatched from me, and instantly put into another mans presence, from that day when I saw my one year old daughter, my only child on the Internet laid up with a man I never seen, met or know anything about, and clearly Kayleis mom didn't know anything about, before she just nonchalantly moved her, and my daughter in with, the first time I saw pictures of my daughter on the Internet is when my heart filled with fear and anger, and I knew then that Kaylei was in very bad hands with her mother, and from that day I tried everything I could to save my daughter, inboxing her family, anyone who I thought knew her, I constantly told her friends, and relatives about my concern because obviously no one saw the danger or didn't care about the danger my daughter was in, so they all ignored me and labled me the bitter baby daddy, whenever I would call Whitney Carter about my child, she would bash me with harsh words, profanity, and say things like I will never see Kaylei again, I was constantly filled with rage, because she knew the love I have for my daughter, and she knew I wouldn't stop calling for my only child, so she used it against me. Whitney had so much back up from friends, and family while neglecting my child, and leaving her In harms way, no one would help me, I called CPS about my daughter, even the system that's there to save children didn't help me, my daughter died 8 and a half months after being stolen from me, and taken to city and state where child abuse, molestation is constant and normal, My daughter was found deceased in a drug house where they sell K2, and meth, and any other drugs, coroner's report that my daughter was lifeless for 6 hours before being found, now the thing is how could a 18 month old lay dead for that long in a house full of adults, and babies? and it's simple. Because they didn't care, my daughter was all alone in Evansville Indiana, and the only person that love her is me, her father, the one who no one would tell where she lived or what my daughter was going through till it was to late. The person who would have risk his life to save hers was the one that was blocked from her, and lied on. Whitney has defamed my character in the worst way, she called me a woman beater, a deadbeat, says I was never there for my daughter, when in all reality I'm one of the best fathers in society, with so much negative on black fathers, I for one did not fit in either category. Whitney is a person who defamed my character so bad that it interfered with me saving my daughters life. It has been over a year since Kaylei passed away, Evansville justice system still hasn't charged Whitney with neglect or anything, and they only gave the grand mother which is a known chronic drug user, a violent one, a evil one, they only gave her a year for neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury, they couldn't reach Whitney regarding Kayleis case or anything, she never showed up to a court date or anything, Now as a human with a heart and soul, for any child esp a baby to go through what my daughter went through, I will become livid, but this happened to my child, my only child, and I believe I've been holding my composure very well,  just to explain the type of person Whitney is, Whitney had my daughter around a man that no real man or father would ever want his child around, esp his daughter, this is a man who doesn't take care of his own kids at all, a man who threatened to literally slap my daughter In an argument with me when I called one time about my daughter, this is a man who would use Whitneys weak mind as his gain, such as convincing her to neglect my daughter the same way he does his children, to leave her with a drug addict in a drug house to pay him attention, to steal thousands of dollars donated for Kaylei funeral, this is a person, a suppose to be grown man who would want a female to take care of him instead of their own children, in other words, the lies Whitney told on me, is the exact type of person he is. A person who was arrested in November for beating her while she was pregnant, and yes it has just now been a year since my daughter tragic unsuspected death, and yes Whitney had enough happiness to get married to the worst type of person, and already has another child, I don't know to many real mothers who could lose their first and only child like that, and think about getting pregnant not even six months after her death, what we are dealing with is heartless soulless, and in my eyes baby killers who should not be in society, and shouldnt have a chance to destroy another blessing such as a child, but my voice isn't being heard enough which is why I'm still reaching out, cause with all the proof of what my daughter went through, the calls I made, this really should be a solid case, and out of anyone, Whitney should have been charged with my daughters death, I shouldnt have to jump through hoops to speak for my baby, when the system suppose to care about the innocent more than anyone, it's a new prosecutor on the case by the name of Kelly Corne, we have been in contact, but I still feel this won't go how It should go which I why I won't let the pressure up, and I will write petition after petition to get my daughter heard. Please support my daughter, I do this for her, not attention, I clearly don't match the good boy clean cut look that the system expect, which is why I feel they don't take me serious. But I will show them how serious I am about Kaylei, and I will never stop or give up on her at all. Justice for Kaylei, she deserves it. Help my daughter and other abused neglected children with getting justice. Our children are innocent, they should be protected by us, and my baby lost her life by the hands of the person who should have loved her more than anything, which is why Whitney Carter Smith should be the number one person charged for Kaylei. Thank you for reading, please sign and share. 

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