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Stop Snapchat from using sex to make money

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-------Snapchat's Cosmopolitan advertising stories for 5/16/2017

Dear Evan Spiegel (CEO of Snapchat),

Though I admire your entrepreneurial spirit and creativity I discredit it all due to the manner in which you choose to monetize your app. I have been bothered by your chosen advertising content on Snapchat for quite some time. I, like you, am an entrepreneur. I am about the same age as you (26). I am not as successful as you, and my net worth will never be as high as yours, but my businesses' will always be run with more integrity. The stories that are displayed at the bottom of your app are visible to young children. My 10 year old sister uses Snapchat regularly and it saddens me to know the type of things you expose her to on the regular. The majority of your app users are young teenagers or adolescents. You are molding their minds everyday by choosing to advertise with Cosmopolitan, Now This, Vice, Refinery29. You are a young guy with a lot of power. You are molding certain people's children more than their parent's are. Why do you choose to allow such explicit sexual content on your app? I know it sells well, but is money your only driving force in life. Your app is amazing, and I use it regularly, but I want you to know you are poisoning the minds of adolescents about the reality of love and relationships, about politics, and about reality. I would ask you to kindly monitor what you allow on your app and use more integrity in your business practices.


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