Insurance Companies Should Fall Under The Anti-Trust Law

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Insurance companies should fall under anti-trust laws as other companies do, because they collude with other insurance companies, which other companies cannot do.  People pay premiums to insurance companies for insurance coverage, only to have the insurance company to deny or delay insurance payments.  Although premiums have been paid, and the delays end up causing people in need of immediate therapies, surgeries, or treatments to have lifelong disabilities, only because insurance companies want to save money and deny payment for coverage that their customers have paid for. 

Insurance companies should not be allowed lobby congress to not be covered by the anti-trust law.  No other company or industry falls outside the anti-trust laws, and neither should the insurance companies.  It is detrimental to the customers paying for insurance who are held hostage by the greed of insurance companies.  They should not lobby congress to allow or to block coverage of the anti-trust law or the insurance industry.

Fair Practices: For Customers: Insurance Companies Should Fall Under The Anti-Trust Law

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