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Help me bring my husband to the United States

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To all Concerned:

It is my deepest wish that you may be able to offer me some assistance with an immigration matter which I will describe below. I am at this time struggling to bring my beloved husband to the United States of America from Italy. We met five years ago in Chicago, and we were and are very happy together. However it came to light that my husband Francesco was at that time in the States illegally as his Visitor's Visa had expired by the time he and I met. This is when one of the greatest tragedies of my life had come to pass, one with which I am struggling daily and to this very moment.

My dear husband Francesco was deported, and in effect throw out of this county in December 2008. At that point in time we were engaged to be married. One year ago in May of 2011, I visited Francesco in his hometown in Italy, and it is there that he and I were wed. This was an extremely blissful, albeit brief, time in our lives.

After a tearful goodbye, I returned to my home in Chicago and petitioned the immigratin office via a Mr. Kurczby on behalf of my husband. This petition on his behalf was formally submitted to the immigration bureau towards the end of August 2011. This bureau to which I refer is located in Laguna, California. However, to this day I have no concrete reply beyond their acknowledgment of the receipt of said petition and that I would be notified of their decision in writing. I am quite troubled by this as nearly a year has passed now, and still I am no closer to having my beloved husband living here with me. I have been notified that in the event I should receive an unsatisfactory decision from the immigration office, I will be able to begin the process of applying for a waiver, and this process may also take an undisclosed length of time. All the while I approach my sixtieth year of age. I would simply like to know when I will finally be able to begin a life with my husband here at my home in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

I realize that my husband spent time in the United States without a visa or citizenship. According to law this is a crime because he should have returned to his home country of Italy once his visa expired. But as you know, there are many, many people who do this very same thing to improve their life's status, and this is after all how this country came to be. Both myself and my family came to live in the United States under similar circumstances to improve not only our lives, but the lives of our children, as well as our children's children.

Francesco is a very good person. He has never (aside from overstaying his visa here) broken any laws either in the United States of America or in Italy. He is an exceptionally kind person; sincere, hard-working, cares for others and always places others before himself. I too am of the same type of character.

Our separation has a huge impact on both of our lives. We are both deeply suffering and neither one of us can wait for the miraculous moment when we are reunited at last, and can begin living our lives together as a proper married couple.

Everyday I plead with God that he may help reunite us and bring us together in my home in Chicago, Il, USA. I have the utmost faith that both God and kind helpful people will hear my pleas and open their hearts to help us get together here in my home.

Currently, I am preparing to visit my husband in Italy for the sixth time. My husband and I are at the very least happy that we have the opportunity to be together for these short periods of time in his home in Italy. However, I am tired of these brief spurts during which he and I are able to be together, only because I go and visit him in his home country. The worst part is always the tearful and extremely painful goodbye at the airport, which leaves us apart once again, separated by a vast ocean, and far too much time before I may return. And all the while, he and I both grow older.

Although we are entering what are supposed to be our "golden" years, there is nothing joyous nor "golden" about them at this moment, because we are thousands of miles apart.

Whenever I return from one of the brief visits with my husband, I see other couples who travel alongside me happily together, holding hands, laughing, quite obviously in love, while I sit alone on the airplane, knowing my beloved is also alone and so very far away from me, and this in the waning years of our lives. It is at these moments especially that I put my tear-filled hands together and pray to God for an answer to our prayers; for some clue as to when we may have our chance to be happily together as husband and wife, here in the United States of America.

I would like to thank you with all of my heart for reading this letter, and hope that someone within your contacts will be able to accelerate our reunion. It is my full belief that a husband belongs with his wife, and a wife with her husband. Families should not be torn apart, living on separate continents in this vast world. We should all have the opportunity to live our lives to their greatest extent, cherishing each other to the very end of our days.

The laws of this great land that I call home should be able to allow us to be happy and together, enjoying each other. Every moment we are apart feels like a moment wasted.

Again, I sincerely thank you for your time and attention to this matter. And again, I humbly ask for help in finding a resolution to this predicament. I am extremely grateful for any and all help you may be able to offer regarding this matter. May god bless you and yours.

Most sincerely yours,

Eva Papeo

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