Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in patients suffering from psychiatric disorders

Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in patients suffering from psychiatric disorders

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Why this petition matters

Started by Katje Woolley

When medicine can’t relieve suffering, euthanasia should be an option. And because psychological suffering can be hard to detect, doctors should take patients at their word.

You can’t see mental suffering on a scan like you would with someone suffering from a physical illness

Specialists should listen to their patient and learn to believe them because they can’t see or feel the direct suffering themselves.

Suicidality can  be the expression of a long-standing and autonomous desire not to live anymore, after many episodes of severe suffering. It can be a rational reflection on the lack of future prospects, lack of treatable suicidality and mental disorder and an inability to endure suffering.

Patients can suffer greatly from their own suicidality, for example when there are endless images looping in their head of their own future suicide on them. Suffering from one's own suicidality should also be a component form of a considered request for termination of life.

Poor quality of life, often experienced by those with severe mental health difficulties, is characterized by feelings of distress; lack of control, choice and autonomy; low self-esteem and confidence; a sense of not being part of society; diminished activity; and a sense of hopelessness and demoralization.

I find it absolutely heartbreaking that people like myself who are prone to mental and psychiatric disorders, have to live life being pumped on different meds and do different therapies to somewhat live a normal life 

Not knowing when the darkness is going to come again and swallow you as you are fighting to save yourself as well as you own child is traumatising itself

Being petrified of your own mental illness as well as what the future is going to be like for your child is honestly overwhelmingly hard.

Panic attacks and tremors because one is afraid of the suffering that will face them and the hell as human beings have to go through and coming to the realisation that the only escape from the pain is death.

Every human being should be allowed and given choice of euthanasia when they feel like they have no more quality of life. Whether be mentally, physically, spiritually 

Being trapped inside your own head and trying every day to get out of it isn’t  easy at all.

Please we must advocate now for freedom of choice for our future and the generations to come

We as a collective whole and one body must push for this so that no more suffering is happening

Being the one suffering and worrying about how it affects your family is distressing 

Being the family who is watching the suffering isn’t fair

Suffering is inhumane in every aspect and we shouldn’t have to suffer and be traumatised so that others don’t have to let go.

God put us here for a purpose but beyond that, we should be given our God given rights to leave this world with what we have learnt and to leave before the suffering is inevitable. 

Please stick up for our future and sign the petition to to have Euthanasia and assisted suicide in patients with treatment resistant personality disorders, psychiatric disorders and mental disorders 

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!