End to Attrition. Good education for Kids.

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Dear Col. Prasad,

We, parents of EuroSchool Wakad students, sign this petition to end something which started as "personal problem of teacher" now reached to extremely high attrition rate of the teachers. We, the parents, have spoken to you and to the class teachers on numerous occasions regarding this issue, but sadly no action has been taken till date to resolve this problem at your campus. 

You will appreciate that Child-Education concept is far different than the Adult-Learning concept. A child takes months, if not years, to get comfortable with their instructor. They tend to share themselves with these instructors and are integral part of their day-to-day life. This is why a change in instructor or instruction pattern leads to child's disinterest in learning and overall decrease in academic growth. We, the parents, have observed this first-hand with our kids and have understood this problem ourselves. It is sad that EuroSchool Management is turning a blind eye to this menace. We also understand that this issue is non-existent in other EuroSchool campus. Results of other campuses speak for themselves. 

Having said this, we would like to request you to reach the root cause of this problem and resolve it at earliest. Many kids of EuroSchool Wakad will be stepping into important years which will decide their future course of careers. If this problem of attrition is not tackled at this stage, it could blow into a full-scale catastrophe. We humbly request your action on this issue at earliest.


We, the parents.